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Parents want their children to be engaged, learn new skills, have fun. 

At “The Animation Spark” we believe that learning animation in the friendly environment will inspire them to be creative. Will help them to become better communicators, problem solvers,    will encourage them to take a lead and to work in the team. 

Animation is a brilliant tool to achieve these goals. We will give your child an opportunity to learn, to explore and to thrive.

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Create. Animate. Educate.

At our workshops we are offering:

- All equipment and all materials.
- Creating and animating your own characters.
- Several projects.
- Learning new skills and having fun.
- Arts and crafts.
- Easy accessible location.

AFTER SCHOOL animation workshops PROGRAM


– Animation workshops for kids ages 6-10

– 8 weeks program. During this time children will be introduced to different styles of animation. Such as claymation, cut out, object animation.

– Children will create their own animation characters using different crafts such as plasticine, felt, paper etc.

– Children will be using Stop Motion Studio App and will be creating short animated films. They will learn how to enhance their work with titles, credits, sound and voice recordings.

– Every week parents will receive a link to our Google Drive, where they can download their kids current work.


– Animation workshops for tweens and teens ages 11-16

– 8 weeks program. During this time students will be introduced to 12 Principles of Animation and different styles of animation. Such as claymation, cut out, object animation. 

– Every week, students will be completing some animation exercises and working on their own projects.

– Students will learn how to create professional cut-out and plasticine animation models (characters).

– They will be introduced to the basics of storytelling and storyboarding.

– Once the project is done, parents will receive a link to our Google Drive, where they can download their kids work.

– Making of cut out characters Youtube videos (examples)

Create. Animate. Educate.

About our animation spark

Founder of The Animation Spark

My name is Maria Juergens and I am a professional animator with 25 years experience in the film and TV industry.

I founded The Animation Spark after teaching my then seven-year-old son to make short animated films. He loved it, picked it up easily and was so proud of his first 'movie'!

I decided to develop animation workshops so that other children could have the same opportunity to learn an amazing and fun new skill in a safe, friendly environment.

Our animation workshops can help your child explore their creativity, develop leadership skills, work in a team, learn to be patient, and create something they can be proud of.

I have been working in animation for my entire career. Over the years I have worked on films including "Legend of the Guardians. Owls of GaHool", "Happy Feet 2" "Walking with Dinosaurs", "Ghost Busters", and "Guardians of the Galaxy 2". To sum up, I have worked on many other projects in TV, commercials and games.

Since 2015 I have been a 2D/3D animation lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. And I love teaching! Every year is an exciting challenge guiding my students through the principles of animation. Above all, I take great pride in seeing my students progress and grow in confidence and creativity.
I believe, that primary school students are the perfect age to start learning the basics of animation. They have inventive imaginations and are not afraid to try new things.

Animation is now a part of our childhood. Animated films tell exciting stories, entertain us, and teach us valuable life lessons. It is an industry I love and I look forward to sharing my skills and helping your child explore the wonderful world of animation.

Grad Cert HETL (UTS)
Grad Cert in 2D Animation (VGIK)

Here is my Showreel on Vimeo.

Create. Animate. Educate.

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Create. Animate. Educate.