QUESTION: How does it work: engaging younger and older kids in the same workshop?

We have several animation stations. Children (max 3) will be assigned to the teams based on their age. This is why it would be a good idea to ask your child’s buddy to join the workshops with them 🙂

QUESTION: What exactly will my child be doing at this workshop?

Each week we will be either starting new project or continuing working on the previous project. Children will be introduced to basic principles of animation. In teams they will be developing a story, will create the backgrounds and their own animation characters using crafts, plasticine, felt, paper. 

QUESTION: How many short films will my child create?

We are aiming for at least 5 short films, but it could be more. Our content is very flexible and adjustable to the progress of each team.

QUESTION: Will I be able to download the work from my child?

Yes! Once the project is finished, parents will receive an email with a link to our google drive, where you can easily download your child’s work.

At the end of the term, children can take home all their animation characters they have created. 

We also will be uploading their work to our YouTube channel.

QUESTION: Will my child get any rewards or certificates?

Yes! All children will be issued with a Certificate of Participation.

QUESTION: Does my child need to bring anything to the workshop?

Nope! We will provide them with everything they need to create an animation.

QUESTION: I changed my mind, or missed the class. Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately not. We are not offering any refunds for missed classes. However, THE ANIMATION SPARK may at its discretion approve credits towards enrolment for the next workshop on reasonable and compassionate grounds, so please let us know about your situation ASAP. More info can be found in our

QUESTION: Will my child be safe with you?

Yes! All our staff has WWCC. We are taking the safety of your children very seriously.